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Product Description:

When it comes to a platform on which to host business critical applications, VMware is the most trusted platform and has many advantages over the competition. vSphere is a reliable and robust platform that is not locked into the host operating system (OS), so it is available on multiple operating systems. VMware also offers more options in the cloud than competitors. VMware’s vCloud can host pre-existing virtual machines (VMs) and their applications in public, private or hybrid cloud solutions as opposed to many other solutions that can only support specialized applications that may require special modifications to existing applications. VMware also has market leading, purpose built management solutions for the cloud.

Studies have shown that VMware’s management tools are 36% less time consuming and 41% less complex when compared with top competing solution. vCenter Operations achieves these feats by supporting full automation, self learning analytics and dynamic thresholds. Finally, VMware solutions are 20% more efficient without a reduction in performance, leading to costs savings for all other physical hardware and software components. VMware does this through a superior architectural design, performance scheduling, large memory pages, management technologies that support overcommit and a direct driver model. Even when VMware’s vSphere is compared to Microsoft’s free Hyper-V, vSphere costs less per application due to higher consolidation ratios.

VMware’s products and solutions help transform an organization’s IT by simplifying environments while also providing a more flexible, agile IT service delivery and dramatically lowering costs. VMware solutions can also help accelerate an organization’s transition to the cloud by solving IT problems by lowering cost and enabling management simplicity. As the worldwide leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, VMware is the best and most cost-effective solution available.


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