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Patricia Sak, Sales Executive


Product Description:


With Velocity®, Washington students in grades K–5 gain proficiency in English Language Arts skills. Students using Velocity an average of 20–30 minutes a day have experienced approximately 2 years’ worth of growth. Velocity complements any core curriculum, fills in skill gaps, and boosts students’ confidence. By design, Velocity online instruction functions as an extension of the teacher’s presence in the classroom by continually monitoring each student’s understanding of skills, instantly adjusting lessons to make them more effective for each student, and providing actionable insights to the teacher in order to make the most of teacher-led instructional time. Actionable data and resources provide better, more meaningful engagement and improve instruction. In this manner, Velocity was specifically designed to individualize ELA instruction and create classrooms full of excited and motivated readers.

With Velocity, Washington Learning Source and Puget Sound ESD can expect to see:

  • Students who take responsibility for accelerating their own learning
  • Students who reach grade-level proficiency at an enhanced pace
  • Students who learn the discreet skills needed to progress at grade level
  • Students who recognize there is not only one way to solve a problem or arrive at an answer
  • Students who believe their academic success is based on the effort they put in rather than their ability or intelligence
  • A classroom with more 1:1 student-teacher interaction
  • Teachers affirming and helping to boost students’ confidence in acquiring new skills
  • Teachers who have more uninterrupted instructional time and less time spent assessing students

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