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Tangoe’s comprehensive Smartphone and tablet lifecycle management solution provides administrators and end users with rapid deployment of Smartphone, tablets, and applications for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Teachers, classrooms and students get fast activation on their device of choice while IT support staff easily manage thousands of mobile devices and applications. Built on an enterprise-tested, patented intelligent rules technology developed for scalability, Tangoe MDM integrates with existing school system IT environment with the flexibility of hosted cloud or on-premise deployment.

Tangoe MDM delivers a host of market-leading features including:

  • Mobile policy rules engine for device monitoring and enforcement for CL and IL/BYO Devices
  • Self-service portal for device registration, self-help support tools, and self-administration.
  • Allow-Block-Quarantine based on device, employee, and application policy compliance
  • Robust client application for policy management, monitoring and enforcement
  • Secure mobile application deployment and management

Product Description:

Tangoe Mobile Device Management

  • Tangoe MDM supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5
  • Automated control of mobile security, data and corporate policy compliance
  • Securely deploy and manage mobile applications
  • Real-time device monitoring for proactive policy response
Mobile Application Management

Teachers, students and parents are demanding access to both school resources and applications. Securely empower them with public and custom-built school system approved apps.

Mobile device control for the way you work

Tangoe has the most comprehensive smartphone and tablet lifecycle management solution available. End-users get fast activation on their device of choice while enterprises easily manage thousands of mobile devices and applications.


  • Configure device settings for accessing school system resources and applications
  • Enforce your acceptable use policies by school district, class type, grade, location and other options
  • Manage device certificates to authorize and authenticate Wi-Fi and VPN network communication with approved access points


  • Enforce a device passcode with configurable complexity, length, lock and wipe rules
  • Encrypt device data respective to platform
  • Control teacher and student ability to use specific device features, apps and web browsing
  • ABQ (Allow-Block-Quarantine) of unknown, unsupported and devices suspected of being compromised and prevent access to Exchange ActiveSync


  • Provision teacher, student, classroom (non-email device) and shared devices
  • Deploy a bulk number of devices quickly and accurately or allow self-registeration on the Self-Service Portal
  • Securely connect to the school system LDAP/AD to authenticate users
  • Customize the Self-Service Portal with device usage agreement terms. Ensure acceptance during enrollment


  • Send commands over SSL to devices to request info, lock, locate or wipe a device
  • Update configuration profiles over SSL and re-provision devices automatically
  • Control the device polling frequency intervals at which the console captures data


  • Intelligent rules monitor granular non-compliant events and activities with automated responses
  • Comply with privacy laws by disabling the monitoring of certain device data
  • Create customized alerts in English, Spanish and other languages

School System IT Benefits

  • Secure integration with corporate LDAP/Active Directory
  • 24×7 user access via standard web interface
  • Easy-to-follow device activation and wipe instructions
  • Reset passwords or decommission lost/stolen devices without IT involvement

Mobile Application Management

Tangoe MDMs application management services provide:

  • Automatic OTA deployment of applications via SSL based on user and device profile
  • Verify application deployment
  • Confidence that the application has enough battery and memory to meet app system requirements


  • Distribute apps to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices
  • Integrate directly with public app stores for IT approved apps
  • Complete support of Apples Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to purchase apps, track redemption keys and more
  • Secure distribution of apps based on groups with unique requirements and access
  • Provide an enterprise app catalog where users can view, install and update apps


  • Authenticate users before allowing them to view and download enterprise apps
  • Secure access to the enterprise app collection based on user login and device function
  • Monitor and enforce device compliance with corporate application policies
  • ABQ Allow Block Quarantine access to Microsoft Exchange by device type, models, users and by application including apps not installed or black-listed.


  • Track and view apps installed on the device
  • Automatic application monitoring and enforcement via our patented rules-based engine
  • Generate application inventory, version history, and compliance reports

Enterprise Application Portal

  • On-demand access to enterprise and approved 3rd party apps
  • Exception reports for devices whose applications were not properly installed
  • Enforce blacklist and white list application policies


  • Generate app inventory, version, history, and compliance reports
  • iOS VPP support
  • Track app inventory across all your devices
  • Remove apps that are out of compliance and verify removal
  • Verify installs and updates

Apples Volume Purchase Program Integration

  • Install apps from the iOS App Store
  • Import redemption keys (purchased from Apple) into an MDM app profile
  • Automatically manage the upload, storing and distribution of redemption codes
  • Remove private and 3rd party apps
  • Force password use to purchase apps on iTunes Apps
  • Automatically remove MDM deployed apps if the MDM client is removed
  • Monitor licenses purchased, redeemed and remaining

School System IT Benefits

  • Fully integrated with the Tangoe Enterprise App Portal for secure app management
  • Ensure apps are deployed to the correct device OS, teacher, student, classroom, location/district
  • Deployment rules ensure device has enough battery and memory
  • Exception reporting for devices that do not meet minimum deployment requirements


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