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Contract Number: WLS232

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General Manager Product Operations
Phone: 425.861.8400

Akash Arora
Business Development Manager | Harbinger Knowledge Products
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Product Description:

Elicitus is a leading desktop authoring tool for trainers, educators, subject matter experts and other e-learning creators worldwide. Creating great courses with Elicitus requires no programming. Even users with no page design experience can create visually appealing courses with Elicitus.

You can import existing PowerPoint® presentations directly into Elicitus. It can convert PowerPoint slides with great accuracy. You can preserve and reproduce important elements of your PowerPoint slides, such as textboxes, bullets, formatting, pictures, background, sound, movie, WordArt, AutoShapes, callouts, and even slide master.

Elicitus Features:

  • No programming any time. Wizards, forms, templates make Elicitus easy to master. Provides a great variety of question types and navigation styles without programming or scripting
  • Rapid authoring.
  • Standards compliant publishing. Publishing in a single click to AICC/SCORM LMS, web site, CD-ROM, or slide shows.
  • Help improve productivity. Make one-time changes at master level, which consistently and automatically reflect in related content. Over 200 ready-made layout templates are provided with the product and users can create their own. Templates contain pre-built course navigation and display, but course developers can easily customize them.
  • Create courses in multiple languages. Elicitus supports courses in many languages supported by Unicode.
  • Content Reuse: The sophisticated import feature of Elicitus allows one-click import of learning objects from other Elicitus courses. The import is to the most granular level of topic pages, glossary terms, glossary categories, questions and media resources. The author can decide on how the duplicate objects should be handled during the import.
  • Raptivity integration and tracking (with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004)
  • Video support Videos can be added to topic pages and customize the size of the video.
  • Various types of videos supported such as AVI, MPG, SWF.
  • A powerful editing environment supports WYSIWYG authoring and preview.
  • Authors can easily create hyperlinks to media resources, other pages and assessments in the course. Custom hotspots and buttons can be utilized for added interactivity.
  • Full-featured glossary builder

See How it Works:

Get a personalized demo now. Contact us at and we would be glad to setup a demo at your time convenience.



WLS Price (reflects  30-35% discount)

Elicitus + Raptivity for Elicitus (Elicitus + Raptivity Essential + All Standard Packs)
This includes Elicitus Content Publisher wich is an authoring tool along with Raptivity Standard Packs (Standard Pack 1 to 4). Pricing includes 2 year support with free upgrades
Super Elicitus (Elicitus Content Publisher + Raptivity Himalaya)
This includes Elicitus Content Publisher wich is an authoring tool along with Raptivity Himalaya. Pricing includes 2 year support with free upgrades


  • Does Elicitus published course require any plug-ins to play?
    • No. Elicitus publishes the courses to plain HTML format. The courses play straight from Internet Browser without the need of any proprietary plug-ins.
  • Do you offer volume discount, educational discount?
    • Yes. We offer discounts to educational institutes, non-profit and government organizations. Volume discounts are available on purchase of 3 or more licenses.

Online training:

Get trained on using Elicitus in just a couple of hours without leaving your own office. Our Elicitusspecialists train users online for hands on learning. All you need is a web browser for these training sessions. We estimate around 2 hours total training to master Elicitus. Call 425.861.8400 for scheduling Elicitus training sessions or write

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