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Product Description:

Literacy in the Community (LitCom for short) is a National Provider of Educational Products and Services based in Seattle, WA. We have provided tutoring services for the past 10 years. We have provided free tutoring to students under No Child Left Behind for the past six years. We are honored to support the supplemental education of students and families from all backgrounds. LitCom also provides affordable personalized extended learning for school districts, students and families not eligible for free tutoring. Extended Learning occurs in approved schools, homes, local libraries, community centers, Churches, and over the internet all using internet based curriculum.

Literacy in the Community LLC provides high tech/high-touch online line Extended Learning in math, reading, writing, science and history to K-12 students of all ages. We use technology to diagnose learning gaps and create individual learning plans. We then assign college students, graduates and certified teachers to provide support via the Internet and on site, individually with each student as they close learning gaps. Our methods are uniquely successful as we combine high technology and high touch (Student involvement in critical thinking, and Cultural Competence).

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Our service model is to tutor when and where ever is best for the parents and students. Focusing heavily on student motivation, students should be prepared to read or be ready to, play math flash cards and other educational games against college tutors, work with computers, write narratives, and go on educational field trips while learning. Older students gain help in Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, College and Career Readiness.

It is the Mission of Literacy in the Community to help educators and families bring students to self-sufficiency by permanently eradicating specific academic achievement gaps. Success in reading, writing, math and critical thinking leads to improved learning and test performance.

Literacy in the Community Extended Learning is:

• Targeted skill-based
• Critical thinking-based
• Culturally Competent
• Scientific Research-based
• Common Core State Standards-based
• Individual Learning Plan-based, Including IEPs
• ESL, ELL and ELD -based

Even the smallest school district can choose to help just one SPED student. The larger districts gain unparalleled economies of scale and support.

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