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Ruckus_Stckd_SBW_RGBContract Number: WLS259

Judd Foster
NW Territory Sales Manager
Phone: 206.496.7679

Ruben Navarro
Inside Sales Representative
Phone: 408.636.4348

Reseller of Ruckus Wireless for the WLS contract:
Noel Soderblom
Vice President of Sales
Phone: 206.227.7168

Trevor Bigelow
Phone: 425.870.2423


Product Description:

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. has an innovative Wireless LAN solution ideal for education organizations. Ruckus access points utilize Dynamic Antenna-Based Beamforming, a patented adaptive antenna array embedded inside the AP. This means on a per client, per packet basis the Ruckus APs can dynamically find the best WiFi route to a wireless client – laptop, iPad, etc. Other WLAN manufacturers use omni-directional antennas for their APs which send WiFi in all directions. Only Ruckus can “beam” a WiFi signal directly to the intended wireless client.

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. has helped numerous education organizations cut their WiFi infrastructure costs by 50+% and improve WiFi performance and reliability as they migrate to 802.11n. With key innovations in WiFi delivery, Ruckus is bringing better performing, more reliable, and greater throughput at range WiFi service to education organizations.

What Ruckus is doing with WiFi infrastructure for education organizations that’s so cool?:

  • Ruckus has done significant innovation in the delivery of WiFi service that improves the performance and reliability of WiFi.
  • With a patented Dynamic Antenna-Based Beamforming technology:
  • WiFi clients get better throughput and therefore get on/off the air more quickly, freeing-up more air space for more clients.
  • Each Ruckus AP covers about 2X the footprint of the other guys.
  • Better WiFi through challenging walls – so client load balancing between classrooms works very well.
  • Best dual-band WiFi coverage (use 30%-40% fewer APs than the competition to provide ubiquitous WiFi coverage of a building).
  • Best at mitigating co-channel interface.
  • Ruckus beamforming works with 802.11n. Competitors ‘chipset-based’ beamforming (Cisco, HP, etc.) does not work with 802.11n spatial multiplexing.
  • Best-in-class support for high-density client applications. Ruckus supports band steering, dynamic client load balancing & airtime fairness.
  • Best-in-class support for voice/video/data over WiFi. Ruckus can deliver unicast/multicast HDTV/1080P service over WiFi.
  • Ruckus supports a centralized WiFi controller in a data center and just deploy APs in the schools (Ruckus doesn’t shove all the WiFi traffic through the WiFi controller).
  • Ruckus is extremely easy to deploy/manage/support. Guest access and AD/LDAP user authentication are super easy.
  • Support for up to 500 WiFi client associations on a single AP (ZF7982 & ZF7372 AP).
  • Ruckus won the WLAN Pros high-density iPad WiFi bake-off.
  • Ruckus won the Syracuse University high-client-density 802.11n 3-stream AP WiFi bake-off.
  • Ruckus won the Tom’s Hardware high-client-density WiFi bake-off.
  • Lifetime Warranty on indoor APs and controllers.
  • No mandatory recurring fees to keep your WiFi solution working (unlike some cloud-based WiFi solutions).
  • Lowest 5 year TCO of any of the top 10 enterprise WiFi solutions.
  • A proven WiFi solution that is deployed in thousands of schools, colleges, and universities across the U.S.


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