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Ranie Lambe
National Director, Strategic Partnerships
Phone: 877.738.4332

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Product Description:

Revolution K12 (RK12) was founded with the goal of creating smarter learning tools, designed to help students build core academic skills while learning analytical problem solving. In accordance with the impending transition to Common Core State Standards, we are firm believers in the power of integrated, web-based technology to enhance teachers’ and administrators’ abilities to uncover students’ strengths and weaknesses and differentiate instruction. Our vision is to provide the means to build academic foundations within students, which enable them to graduate high school, enter college, and pursue a career with confid ence that they are on the path to success. Instructional and educational transformation is a challenging process, as we fully recognize that preparing students to compete in a 21st century economy requires teachers to utilize 21st century tools. By using our adaptive, interactive software programs, your teachers can effectively engage, challenge, and develop students to build foundational skills critical for long-term success, academically, professionally and socially.

  • Fully aligned to Washington State Common Core Standards
  • including Selected Response (Matching, True/False), Numeric Response, Constructed Response, and Performance Tasks
  • Addresses Math from Grades 6 through Algebra II
  • Scaffolded content to reinforce foundational concepts from prior years
  • Supplements blended instruction in a variety of modalities including stations, the flipped
    classroom, etc.
  • Online videos that re-teach concepts and accommodate different learning styles
  • Rich data to support differentiated instruction and immediate interventions
  • Interactive game layer that keeps students engaged and encourage collaborative learning
  • Offline activities for extra practice and homework


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