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Product Description:

Qwizdom offers innovative, reliable technology and focused curricula for K-12 education.

ReadySet Math, Reading, and Science courses consist of formative and summative assessments, and short, targeted lessons, aligned to the learning standards in the EALRs that are assessed on the MSP.

The printable curricula can be delivered in a variety of digital formats, including our web-based Qtopia, with instant corrective feedback, motivating games, avatar features, and broad reporting capabilities.

Connect software, WizTeach, Student Response Systems (SRS), and the Qwizdom Virtual Remote (QVR) allow any curricula to be adapted and presented interactively with almost any device or platform, and local and online reporting features make it possible to monitor progress at student, class, school, and district levels.

ReadySet Achieve Professional Development and Training facilitates implementation of all aspects of the Qwizdom educational solution within the context of enhancing instructional best practices.

The Qwizdom Virtual Remote (QVR) is a user-friendly, interactive utility/application that allows students and teachers to connect and communicate through almost any web-enabled device. The QVR works with browser-based devices (http-enabled with JavaScript and CSS support) including PDAs, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. (Dedicated mobile app versions for Android and iOS will be available for the 2012-13 school year.)

Each of our products is available for individual purchase or as a combined educational solution ReadySet Achieve which includes district-wide ReadySet curriculum, Qtopia Plus, Connect software, Connect Online Premium B reporting, WizTeach, QVR, and professional development and consultation. (Qwizdom SRS hardware is not required, but can be used with the content and tools of ReadySet Achieve.)

What is ReadySet Achieve?

With ReadySet Achieve, educators can access complete, focused supplemental curriculum for math, reading, and science that teaches and assesses the EALRs for grades 3-8. They also have the ability to create or customize activities or courses as desired developing and editing content, or modifying an existing course to fit an individuals ability range.

Qwizdom Connect softwares Live Editor feature makes it possible to create content using a complete set of authoring tools, and to link that content to state standards. WizTeach is another Qwizdom software that can be used to annotate, draw, and explain a concept while working inside a browser or any other software application, including any existing interactive whiteboard software. The WizTeach bundle includes palettes of tools for math, literacy, science, and geography.

Lessons and tests created or accessed in Qwizdom software can then be presented interactively, with responses instantly graded and results organized and displayed in graphs and reports. Using the Qwizdom Virtual Remote (QVR) license included in ReadySet Achieve, students can communicate their responses to presented questions through almost any web-based device or platform. (Similar interactive response capability is available using Qwizdom Student Response System [SRS] remotes, which may be purchased in addition to, or independently of, ReadySet Achieve. Please see p. 12 for pricing information.)

The Qtopia online learning platform is another valuable instructional component of ReadySet Achieve. In Qtopia, students work through standards-aligned curriculum, and adaptive skill-based challenges, at their ability level, with the incentive and reward of motivating games and avatar features. Teachers can communicate with students through the messaging center, assign homework, and receive instant grading feedback and course performance summaries.

The tools of ReadySet Achieve provide teachers and administrators with detailed reporting to evaluate academic performance and progress. Reports can be used to compare achievement across schools, classes, teachers, or students, thus helping with the planning of instruction at site, group, and individual levels.

Scores can be analyzed and compared by activity, standards mastery, and skill. Via Connect and/or Qtopia, educators can track student progress in real time using district-generated materials or Qwizdom assessments and activities with questions similar in format, content, and difficulty to those of the MSP. Results can be used to determine and assign targeted instruction.


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