NetSpective Internet Content Filtering with NetAuditor Reporting

Contract Number: WLS257 

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Contract expiration date: 7/18/18

Tammy Schneider

Phone: 253.205.3016

Product Description:

TeleMate.Net Software’s NetSpective is an enterprise-class and CIPA compliant internet content filtering and reporting solution with a primary focus on the specific requirements of the K-12 market. Educational organizations must properly balance the need to provide access to powerful and valuable content to their students, while protecting them from harmful sites and applications. With its ongoing development reflecting the everchanging needs of K-12, NetSpective’s comprehensive and granular featureset will continue to strike this balance. NetSpective is scalable to support single location schools up to regional service providers and flexible to support virtually any organization’s internet security strategy.

Following are some highlights of NetSpective:

  • Passive and/or proxy configurations to meet an organization’s specific deployment and filtering requirements.
  • Multiple methods of supporting mobile device initiatives that more organizations are leveraging to improve student learning. This includes flexible authentication and filtering of BYOD regardless of device manufacturer, operating system, and browser type.
  • Comprehensive off-network authentication and filtering of mobile devices as part of 1-to-1 or other initiatives.
  • Various features and flexible overrides designed to allow controlled access to potentially valuable educational content, such as YouTube for Education.
  • Multi-tiered managerial profiles that administrators can leverage to delegate access and responsibilities in a secure and partitioned manner, so as to focus on higher priority IT projects and concerns.
  • A high level of automation is built-in throughout NetSpective to minimize the amount of time and resources that are needed to manage the solution on a daily and ongoing basis.
  • An intuitive and logical web-based interface to lessen the learning curve for adoption and ongoing management of NetSpective.
  • Customizable real-time monitors and notifications can alert administrators to specific user-defined activity (attempting to access an anonymous proxy, utilizing a potentially high-risk search term, etc.) that require immediate action.
  • The reporting suite includes comprehensive report templates, numerous inclusive and exclusive filters, and a custom report designer for targeted and powerful activity analysis.
  • New deployment and ongoing remote training are provided to all NetSpective K-12 customers at no additional charge.


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