Contract Number: WLS279

Contract expiration date: 11/15/18

David McMullen

Account Manager

Dave Lanz
Account Manager

Kristen Thompson
Account Representative – Northwest Region

Product Description:

myON is an award winning personalized literacy environment that incorporates a state-of-the-art learning platform, enhanced digital reading content, daily news articles written for students, the Lexile Framework for reading, cutting-edge literacy tools, and embedded metrics to monitor activity and growth. Robust professional development ensures that educators have the support needed to effectively implement myON. Together, these components power a Literacy Ecosystem built upon five pillars: Personalization, Unparalleled Content, Unlimited Access, Collaboration and Success.

Learning Personalized

  • Maximizes reading growth. myON generates individualized, interest-based recommendations within all students’ target Lexile® ranges to engage them with just-right texts.
  • Deepens vocabulary. Flexible reading scaffolds—audio narration to model fluency, highlighted text and embedded dictionaries—allow students to develop academic-specific vocabulary in context.
  • Provides power of choice. Students select books from the entire library, choose from a recommended list of titles curated just for them or read from book sets created by educators to support instructional goals.

Unparalleled Content

  • Ever-growing digital library. All myON subscriptions include a core library containing more than 5,600 authentic digital books from Capstone’s strong family of imprints. Subscribers can extend their digital libraries with content from over 60 partner publishers, who collectively contribute over 7,400 additional fiction and non-fiction titles to the ever-growing myON collection.
  • Authentic texts and books. Illustrated and picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction and informational texts span multiple genres and cultures to support reading across the curriculum.
  • Supports standards-based instruction. The collection includes 70% non-fiction and informational texts and 30% fiction, with 10% of the overall collection consisting of Spanish or dual-language titles.

Unlimited Access

  • Available 24/7, year-round. Students can access myON whenever and wherever they want to read — at home or school, in the library, on the bus and throughout the community — on weekends, holidays and school breaks too!
  • Online and offline. Students can log into myON on any web-enabled device. Free mobile apps allow downloads of up to 20 titles at a time for offline reading.
  • Concurrent, multi-user license. Multiple students read the same book at the same time.

Supports Collaboration

  • Encourages family involvement. Students extend their reading from school to home, with their families, building a greater love of reading, comprehension and critical-thinking skills.
  • Facilitates educator teamwork. Educators and media specialists work together to develop book-lists and reading and writing projects for groups or whole classes, create cross-curricular connections and differentiate instruction.
  • Promotes community engagement. Community-based organizations and funding partners can engage with schools, students and families to support reading and learning.

Fosters Success

  • Students take ownership of their growth. From their own dashboards, students manage their preferences, respond to the text using writing tools that support literacy development and monitor their progress
  • Educators further personalize instruction. The Project Center provides a platform where educators can assign specific reading assignments, specific required work within the text, graphic organizers, writing assignments and more. Assignments and instruction can be tailored for individual students, groups or classes. Student progress on assignments can be tracked and educators can provide notes and support to students within the platform. Educators at the class, building and district level have access to real-time, actionable data on individual learners, groups and classes to better inform their teaching, support differentiated instruction and build collaboration.
  • Administrators have program data. The myON Reports section provides both “big picture” and detailed information regarding student, class, school and district program usage and progress. The reports are designed to provide program administrators with needed data to manage their programs, support accountability and satisfy reporting requirements.


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