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Microsoft School Agreement:

Through WSIPC, an annual volume-licensing program created specifically to address the unique needs of primary and secondary schools and permits licensing for an entire school district or a single school site. Simply count computers once a year.

Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Program:

Through WSIPC, an easy, cost-effective program that provides qualified customers a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single, subscription based enrollment. EES provides immediate access to benefits such as product upgrades through Microsoft Software Assurance, allowing schools the ability to boost the productivity of teachers and staff members and optimize the return on your technology investments.

Microsoft Select Program:

Through WSIPC, Select provides educational institutions the flexibility for volume-based software acquisitions designed to reduce your total cost of ownership. The Select License is based on a forecast of the total volume of Microsoft licenses purchased across the state rather than in a single district.

Microsoft Software Licenses for Home Use:

Through JourneyEd, parents, teachers or staff affiliated with a K-12 school in Washington State, can now purchase several Microsoft software packages at significant savings through the Microsoft Student Select program. The Student Select program enables k-12 students, teachers and staff to buy single user Microsoft products for home use at a discount of up to 85% off commercial retail pricing. The program makes it easy, accessible and affordable for teachers and students to work on school projects at home on the computer, using the same Microsoft programs used at their schools. More information.