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McAfee MDM

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management
With data and device protection for todays most popular mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android devices, McAfee provides a complete mobile security solution that embraces mobile device diversity. McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) brings the same level of security and control to mobile devices that IT applies to laptops and desktops, including the ability to identify, tag, and assign policies to both employee- and business-owned smartphones and tablets.

McAfee EMM combines secure mobile application access, anti-malware, strong authentication, high availability, a scalable architecture, and compliance reporting in a seamless system. Integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) enables IT to implement persistent policies and ease compliance management while protecting devices and the corporate network from malware. McAfee EMM also helps drive down mobile device management and support costs and overall TCO by leveraging your enterprises existing data center infrastructure and IT network, including directory services, Wi-Fi, VPN, and PKI.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management Includes:

Mobile security Properly configures mobile devices to match corporate security policies and enforces compliance prior to network access.

Easy deployment and configuration Eases mobility management by automating the configuration and connectivity of VPN, Wi-Fi, PKI, and native email sync.

A scalable mobile security architecture Seamlessly manages a few or thousands of mobile devices over a geographically dispersed data network, while efficiently assisting users when problems arise.

Model #
WLS Price
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 11-25
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 26-50
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 51-100
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 101-250
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 251-500
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 501-1000
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 1001-2000
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 2001-5000
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 5001-10000
MFE Ent Mobility Management P:1Gold 10001+

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