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Lightspeed Systems delivers network solutions for safe, collaborative, K-12 learning using Web 2.0 resources.The Lightspeed Suite is the complete solution for managing your school networks usage, health, and security. The Lightspeed Suite helps balance the challenges of providing access to powerful online resources while maintaining student safety. Either on the network or off, you can monitor user activity, ensure Acceptable Use Policies are followed, open up safe collaborative learning, reduce dangerous and costly security threats, ensure school resources are used effectively, and easily view and share critical information with custom reports.

WEB FILTER – Block inappropriate content without blocking learning

Web filtering is a balancing act between blocking inappropriate content, keeping everyone safe and on track, and giving users
access to engaging, educational content. With the Lightspeed Web Filter, IT gets CIPA-compliant filtering based on a comprehensive
education-specific database and granularly customizable policies; users get access to the sites and tools that enhance education.

With the Lightspeed Web Filter, you can:

  • Protect users from inappropriate material on the Internet while allowing them to access valuable educational resources, such as videos, blogs, and documents.
  • Ensure CIPA compliance and adherence to other regulations to minimize district liability.
  • Receive detailed reports on user activity.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies with flexible filtering policies and monitoring.
  • Balance learning and safety with teacher override capabilities

MOBILE FILTER – Ensure safety and success of mobile learning with anytime/anywhere filtering

Whether you have a 1:1 technology initiative or a handful of mobile devices, mobile filtering is a key to the safety of your users, the security of your devices, and the success of your mobile learning program. With the Lightspeed Mobile Filter, you can extend your existing filtering policies to your off-network devices, including iOS devices, netbooks, MacBooks, laptops, and Android devices to ensure safe, secure 24/7 learning opportunities.

The Mobile Filter transparently communicates Internet-browser requests from a mobile device to a Lightspeed server (managed or hosted). In turn, the Lightspeed server references the URL requests with its content database and policy settings, and either allows or blocks the request

With the Lightspeed Mobile Filter, you can:

  • Manage access to web sites with an education-specific filtering database.
  • Extend user access policies to off-network computers and mobile devices.
  • Safely allow educational Web 2.0 resources, such as videos, blogs, and wiki pages.
  • Ensure CIPA compliance.
  • Receive detailed reports on mobile user activity.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies are enforced.
  • Promote safe, effective blended learning with access to an online library and collaboration site.
  • Filtering for iOS devices through a Mobile Filter application.

BIG CAMPUS – Extend the classroom to a safe, engaging online environment

Students and teachers are clamoring for more access to resources and opportunities for collaboration; but IT needs to maintain network security, CIPA compliance, user safety, and AUPs. My Big Campus provides an engaging online environment to promote blended learning within a safe, monitored platform that balances educational use of Web 2.0 with network and student safety.

With My Big Campus, you can:

  • Encourage participatory learning and communication between students and teachers.
  • Provide easy access to valuable online resources, including videos and dynamic content.
  • Teach students responsible online behavior and communication skills.
  • Implement collaborative student projects.
  • Manage class assignments and assist with homework.
  • Allow students to write and publish within a closed community.
  • Share content within a class, a school, a group, or with all My Big Campus users.
  • Create Professional Learning Communities and share ideas and resources.

POWER MANAGEMENT – Reduce utility costs with automated power management

Energy consumed by unattended, unused computers across your network can drain your budget, as well as natural resources. Yet users and IT staff are often too busy to manually manage power usage. Lightspeed Power Management provides sustainable energy savings across your network by monitoring energy usage and directing low-power states and shutdown times. Utility cost-savings of up to $75 per PC per year are documented with detailed reports.

With Lightspeed Power Management, you can:

  • Save money by powering down unused computers.
  • Easily conserve and control energy consumption and costs. 
  • Balance the needs of your users with automated alerts and bypass capabilities. 
  • Customize inactivity definitions based on user requirements. 
  • Utilize green rebates from utility companies to offset expenses.  

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