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Mobile device management that’s made for schools.

Mobile devices, blended learning, and 1:1 programs are increasingly the norm in schools, as they give students access to anytime/anywhere learning opportunities with a tool that keeps them engaged. But along with the benefits come some management challenges. And while IT is tasked with many aspects of the management, security, and maintenance of mobile devices, in the end its educators who need to ensure that the devices are supporting learning goals and that students have the access and applications required for lessons and assignments.

Designed just for schools, Lightspeed Mobile Device Management makes it easy to manage devices distributed throughout your district and to maximize their educational benefits. Unique education-specific tools and policies split management between IT staff and classroom teachers, so everyone has the visibility and control they need, and no one is overburdened with management.

With the Lightspeed MDM, you can:

  • Make mobile device management easy, keep mobile device use safe, and ensure mobile learning programs are effective.
  • Easily manage policies with a hierarchical structure that works the way schools work.
  • Give teachers the ability to roll out apps to students and monitor student use.
  • Inventory mobile devices and their installed software.
  • Manage updates and installs from a central location.
  • Quickly identify devices that have violated AUPs.
  • Get up and running in minutes with a SAAS hosted solution.

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