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Connor Petersen, District Partnership Associate


Product Description:

LightSail is the adaptive reading platform that helps students, classrooms, and school districts exceed their literacy goals. Schools use LightSail to support independent reading, small group work, and whole-class instruction. Our library combines content from more than 400 publishers and it is one of the fastest growing literacy solutions in K-12.


LightSail’s adaptive platform provides the following features:

  • Includes thousands of free texts including news articles, classic literature, and short form books from Antares Reading, plus access to over 4,000 fully assessed popular titles
  • Text-embedded assessments, including Lexiled cloze and TEKS-aligned multiple-choice and written-response assessments.
  • Personalized reading recommendations for each student based on their Lexile and zone of proximal development.
  • Collaborative dialogue tools where students and teachers can comment on and discuss the titles they are reading.
  • Motivational tools such as badges that reward students for reading achievements like completing text in a new genre or earning an Above Standard score on a written-response assessment.
  • Easy to read performance reports for both students and teachers.
  • Text-embedded dictionary with controlled vocabulary, audio and pictorial support and Spanish/Mandarin translations to support English Language Learners.

The majority of LightSail’s content is provided by Baker & Taylor, one of the country’s largest distributors of print and digital media. Our implementation team will work with Washington State administrators to curate a digital library that is aligned to the instructional needs and cultural interests of their student population.


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