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iboss Security provides CIPA compliant network security solutions for education. Security solutions are scalable for schools with high demand networks and include 3 Gbps throughput with granular filtering controls and forensic style reporting. Managing 1:1, MDM, and BYOD programs are simplified with next generation tools including application and bandwidth management as well as cloud-based filtering for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. With unique features such as the Social Media filtering suite and Google safe access suite, iboss Security provides robust solutions while retaining controls to enable students and staff a more granular access to the web. The iboss Secure Web Gateway 360 Suite is a hybrid-cloud based security solution that brings together all of the tools you need to secure and manage your network in a user friendly interface.

Product Description:

iboss SWG Web Security (BYOD/Mobile/Wired Devices)

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iboss SWG Web Security Solutions provide comprehensive yet user-friendly web security for educational institutions. iboss SWG Web Security scans across 65,535 ports through layer 7 to secure and control HTTP/SSL traffic, Applications and mobile device security. Advanced granular social media management allows organizations to extend more access to the Internet in the classroom. Education focused features including granular Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest controls combined with comprehensive Youtube management tools to allow schools to expand technology in the classroom.

iboss SWG Web Security Solves:

  • HTTP and SSL Filtering
  • Application Management
  • Threat Management
  • Safe Access to Social Media Such as Facebook
  • CIPA Compliances for Off-Premise Mobile Devices
  • BYOD Management
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Shaping
  • Forensic Reporting
  • Network Health Monitoring Dashboards

iboss SWG Cloud Mobile Security Solution (Off-Premise/Tablets/Mobile)

The rise in mobile computing in education has increased the risk for remote users and has complicated efforts to secure them. iboss Mobile Security secures Windows, Macs, iOS, Andriod, and Chromebooks regardless if they are at school or off-premise at home. Policy enforcement and reporting are simplified through a user friendly web interface which is accessible on any device including tablets.

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iboss SWG Mobile Security Solves:

  • Fully Cloud (SaaS) or Proxy-based Solution
  • Flexible Deployment (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook)
  • Identify and Prevent Threats On & Off Premise
  • Clean Image YouTube & Google Expanded Protection
  • Central Policy and Reporting Management

MobileEther for Mobile Device Management (MDM) w/ Collaboration and CIPA Compliance

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MobileEther takes Mobile Device Management (MDM) to the next level by providing the industry’s only integrated web security for CIPA compliance regardless if the device is off-premise. MobileEther extends educational focused features to help the technology staff manage licenses such as Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) inventory tracking and help teachers collaborate through the integrated document collaboration features. Device management includes the ability to scan, wipe and push apps as well as dynamically filter the Apple App store so only educational Apps are accessed by students.

MobileEther MDM by iboss Provides:

  • Fully Cloud Based (SaaS)
  • Easy Setup – Requires no hardware to be purchased or deployed
  • No Wires – Remove the need of plugging devices to Apple Configurator throughout the year
  • Collaborate – Integrated document, assignment, and communication collaboration
  • Cloud Management – Teachers can manage from home or school
  • Volume Purchasing Management – Manage licenses for VPP purchases to save time
  • Filtered Apple App Store – Dynamically filters Apps based on the schools policies
  • Safe Internet Access – Enforce CIPA compliance on or off network
  • Consistent Web Access – Teachers have the same access on their iPad as they would on a traditional wired device
  • Expanded Youtube and Google Management
  • Full Device Management – Remotely wipe, push Apps, update settings, and track devices
  • Triggers – Detect and reverse device locks, uninstalled MDM, or device tampering

Email SpamBoss

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Emails are an essential part of daily business, yet they can also pave the way for potential security threats. iboss SWG Email SpamBoss is a cloud-based SaaS that protects email against sinister security threats including spam, virus, DoS, phishing and worms. Scanning completely in the cloud ensures only valid emails are received and prevents spam and threats from entering your network and consuming network resources.

  • Fully Cloud Based (SaaS) – No onsite hardware
  • Scan emails for Viruses and Malware before they reach your network
  • Spooling – Reattempts sending email for up to 96 hours in the event of a mail server outage
  • Spam/malware, Reputation-based Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Denial of Service Protection (DoS)
  • Simple set up


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