ETA hand2mind™Virtual Manipulatives

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Tamy Ryan
ETA hand2mind Educational Consultant
Phone: 503.214.0194


Product Description:

Manipulatives for the Interactive WhiteboardInteractive Whiteboard
ETA hand2mind™ certified and approved Virtual Manipulatives for Promethean® ActivInspire software feature the same size ratios, colors, and functionality as our physical manipulatives, helping to ensure consistency in teaching and learning. Engage students of all learning styles with Virtual Manipulatives—perfect for demonstrations, whole-class instruction, student work stations, and as a complement to hands-on materials.

Each Site License includes—

    • Digital version of a popular manipulative
    • Digital Teacher’s Notes.
    • Virtual workmats to create mathematical representations
    • Bonus PreK–8 digital activities and templates

Virtual Manipulatives

    • Algebra Tiles™
    • AngLegs®
    • Base Ten Blocks
    • Cuisenaire® Rods
    • Color Tiles
    • Fraction Circles
    • Fraction Squares
    • Fraction Tiles
    • Fraction Tower® Cubes
    • Geoboards
    • Pattern Blocks
    • PopCubes®
    • Snap Cubes®
    • Tangrams
    • Two-Color Counters
    • XY Coordinate Pegboard


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