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 Core PD

Product Description:

Core PD™ Overview
ETA hand2mind™ has a long tradition of hands-on learning. Core PD offers a strong link between improving instructional practice and improving student achievement. We believe that professional development needs to be meaningful and actionable. Through Core PD, ETA hand2mind can partner with educators to provide meaningful professional development teachers can use in their classrooms the next day, integrating proven hands-on learning strategies.

Core PD Common Core Fractions Online Course (Grades 3–5)
Common Core Fractions provides the support needed to improve conceptual understanding and teaching of fractions. Course objectives include:


  • Deepen teachers’ understanding of fraction concepts and how to use models and visual representations to improve students’ understanding of computational procedures
  • Deepen teachers’ knowledge of how students learn fractions
  • Provide opportunities to reflect on and develop effective fractions instruction


Core PD Where’s the Math? Online Course (Grades PreK-K) focuses on equipping teachers with the content knowledge and instructional strategies to ensure that young children encounter good mathematics instruction in their early years of schooling. This course was designed by Dr. Juanita V. Copley, Ph.D. Renowned for her 40+ years of expertise in early childhood education, Dr. Copley is Professor Emerita and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Houston, and she has served as consultant for the National Head Start Bureau on their math initiative. Where’s the Math? provides a meaningful and actionable hands-on study of:

    • Relevant information that PreK–K teachers should know about the eight Mathematical Practices that promote effective learning and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
    • Child development and how our general knowledge about young children and how they learn can help teach mathematics.
    • Specific, appropriate experiences for the young child that link the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Content, Standards for Mathematical Practice, other relevant PreK mathematics standards, and math content.
    • Tips and strategies for activating and integrating the math that exists in your classroom environment, routines, and centers.
  • The instructional strategy of integration and how it facilitates the teaching and learning of mathematics in the early childhood classroom.

Core PD Understanding the Mathematical Practices Online Course (Grades K-8)
A hands-on learning course for every educator to learn how CCSS, Standards for Mathematical Practices can help students improve math proficiency. Teachers and math coaches participate in engaging hands-on activities. Upon course completion, educators will have the tools needed to immediately impact student behaviors and learning in their own classrooms and will be able to:

• Identify and interpret the big ideas of the Mathematical Practices.
• Support the development of students’ skills to achieve proficiency as described by the Mathematical Practices.
• Understand how students demonstrate proficiency required by the Mathematical Practices.

Core PD Online Course Description
Well-suited for self-directed learning and can be accessed for 90 days. Core PD Courses are facilitated by education experts. A Core PD Coach will provide support throughout the course and with any assignments.

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