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Barbara Hewick  
CCRS Program Administrator
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EPIC offers a suite of College & Career Readiness tools, including ThinkReady, CourseCreate/CoursePathway, and CampusReady.
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Product Description:

ThinkReady logo_thumbnailThinkReady

ThinkReady is an innovative performance assessment that tracks the development of the Key Cognitive Strategies (KCS) in grades 6–12. The KCS are the thinking skills necessary for college and career readiness and success. This formative assessment guides and informs a school’s efforts to prepare students for success after high school. It helps all students develop important thinking skills, regardless of their current academic skill levels.

ThinkReady has three parts:
• Tasks that are embedded in the current curriculum (over 140 tasks at four benchmark levels, covering ELA, math, science, and social studies);
• Scoring guides with a common rubric on the Novice–Expert Continuum; and
• An online system that manages professional development, task administration, scoring, and information.

ThinkReady helps to foster the development of student reasoning, analysis, and cognitive processing. It also helps to stimulate higher-order thinking through the structured introduction of challenging content that does not necessarily have one correct answer. Additionally, the tasks encourage student creativity and prepare them for state high school assessments by reinforcing content knowledge while strengthening thinking skills.

CourseCreate logoCourseCreate    CoursePathway logoCoursePathway

CourseCreate is an online tool designed to help educators create high-quality courses. CourseCreate empowers educators to document standards-aligned course content as well as general course information, expectations, and course and institutional policies. CourseCreate is equipped with the Common Core State Standards, allowing educators to associate their course content with the Standards, collaborate with other educators, and develop a consistently formatted curriculum. CoursePathway uses the content developed through CourseCreate to generate aggregated reports that allow educators to examine standards coverage across course sequences or institutions. Using this data, schools can identify gaps or redundancies in standards coverage to ensure that the curriculum is horizontally and vertically aligned.

CampusReady logoCampusReady

 CampusReady is a self-diagnostic tool that provides data, reports, recommendations, and resources that help schools improve college and career readiness for students. The online diagnostic measures the Four Keys to College and Career Readiness by collecting information from students, teachers, counselors, and administrators in middle (grades 6–8) and high schools (grades 9–12). Each school receives reports that can be used by both the school and district leaders to understand and shape strategies for increasing college and career readiness. CampusReady enables educators to make data-driven decisions by providing targeted and actionable information to launch interventions that meet their college and career readiness goals. The tool cultivates a common understanding and vocabulary about the college-ready skills, behaviors, and techniques over which schools have meaningful control.

CampusReady identifies strengths and weaknesses within a school. Using the data provided by CampusReady, schools can develop and expand curricula, policies, and processes that enhance college and career readiness. CampusReady also provides a searchable database of high-quality resources to ensure that programs support college and career readiness goals. Assistance is available to aid in results, interpretation, action planning, and improvement efforts.


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