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William Jackson
Literacy in the Community, LLC
Phone: 877.259.9540


Product Description:

EASY, the ESL Series is an exciting, interactive ESL series for teens and their parents. EASY is written for the Beginner through Intermediate ESL student. EASY accommodates the student with low native language literacy with crisp clear instructional video and audio, and a TPR approach. The 3rd Series, EASY at Work, prepares ESL students at all levels with job readiness and employability skills. EASY at Work addresses job search, resume preparation, interviewing skills and many other areas the student needs to be familiar with to find a job, win the job and succeed in the workplace.


With students arriving from countries all over the world, and local workforces becoming more reliant on all levels of worker, ESL becomes more important, even for those students with low levels of native language literacy. That’s where EASY, the ESL Series becomes your recommended solution!

EASY, the ESL Series has over 450 videos, many hundreds of worksheets, quizzes and tests for a total of 330 instructional hours.

EASY is available online or on DVD or CD.


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