aruba_thumbnailIn today’s fast-changing world of K-12 education, realizing a vision for tomorrow requires mobility. And it requires a network that goes beyond the conventions of wired or wireless to give you greater agility and advantage. Your district has a vision. Aruba has the mobile network to get you there, wherever you need to go.Aruba’s high speed 802.11n wireless LAN technology gives faculty, staff, and students instant, reliable access to servers, lectures, streaming videos, on-line exams, and the Internet. And does so with substantive ease-of-use, performance, and interoperability advantages over competing solutions.

Our adaptive 802.11n wireless LANs automatically optimize themselves to reliably and securely deliver high speed data, toll-quality voice, and streaming video. Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology automates wireless LAN set-up and maintenance, and tunes the network in real-time to accommodate user behavior, interference, and nearby networks.

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Hardware is a 34% discount below retail pricing.

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Semaphore Corporation
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