Hands-On Standards®, Deluxe

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Tamy Ryan
ETA hand2mind Educational Consultant
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Product Description:

Hands-On Standards®, Deluxe Edition PreK-K and Algebra I Online Subscriptions
Hands-On Standards is grounded in more than 50 years of research on the power of manipulative-based instruction in mathematics. Research shows that math success increases with the use of manipulatives. With the step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrated lessons, every teacher can conduct effective hands-on math activities with ease.
  • Easy-to-Follow, standards-based lessons organized by NCTM Strand in grades PreK-K and by topic in Algebra 1
  • Step-by-step, full color lesson plans are conveniently organized by strand and skill.
  • Each lesson builds understanding from concrete to abstract — a recurring theme in Common Core State Standards.
  • Examples connect math concepts to real-world applications

Here’s how it works…

HOS DE online 4Steps
YellowButton1_thumbnail Use the pre-tests in the Assessment Book to determine students’ individual needs and build instructional plans.

YellowButton2_thumbnail Using the Teacher’s Resource Guide, deliver clear modeling and instruction with full-color lesson plans organized by strand and skill to meet instructional objectives.

YellowButton3_thumbnail Student Workbooks provide students with extensive practice, including extended response problem.

YellowButton4_thumbnail Return to the Assessments Book to administer the post-test and gauge student progress.

View sample lessons and learn more about supporting manipulatives kits.


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