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Come to the Source! The Washington Learning Source carries a wide variety of discounted products that fulfill educational needs ranging from antivirus software to online writing evaluation tools. Schools save money by purchasing from the WLS–$10.5 million since 2006.

Most products on the WLS are there because districts requested them. If you would like to find discounted pricing on products not currently listed in the WLS catalog, please offer your recommendations.

If you find a product here that you want, make sure you reference the WLS contract when talking with a sales representative. This will assure that you receive the WLS discount.

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Are you a current WLS Corporate Partner?

Puget Sound ESD will be hosting a regional Personalized Learning Symposium in February 2018, bringing together educators from across the Northwest to share and explore personalized learning strategies that improve student success and provide equitable learning opportunities for all students. The program will feature speakers and breakout sessions, and we are hoping for two hundred participants.

We know there is strong interest for you and other solution providers to have the chance to connect with educators. We want to develop our model for participation and sponsorship to reflect what would make this of the most value to you. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback and suggestions.